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With the growth in the base of reading, have you ever thought that you must publish your book as an eBook? As compared to the printed books the eBooks are having much lower production cost and also it can be published worldwide without including any shipping cost. Also, there is no worry about the copies of the eBooks. These are the major benefits that an author or a publisher can get from eBook.

But, let us do not forget about the readers. Imagine if you want to store a library. It can take a big room in your house. Now think that with an eBook how much your space will get free up. Also traveling has become much easier. Also, there is no need to take the headache of your suitcase space and in guessing with which eBook you will feel more comfortable in your journey. These are few advantages that a reader, as well as a publisher, can get from eBook.

Also according to the recent studies, the eBooks tend to be read more than the hard copies.

To sum up following are the major benefits of eBooks over the printed books:

For publishers/authors

  •      Reader base is growing
  •     Very low production cost
  •     Distribution worldwide without any shipping cost
  •     Higher commission rate

For readers

  •     Massive storage
  •     Easy traveling with reading as a good source to spent time with
  •     Adaptability with font size
  •     The cost of eBooks is very less than the printed ones.

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